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Brad Zangwill Wedding Photography

Photography has been with me all my life. My grandfather was a photo-enthusiast and opened my eyes at an early age. I've always had a curious eye and love for creating art. I went to college for graphic design and photography and got a bachelors degree from Cal State Fullerton.


My eyes were opened up by another photographer that inspired me. He made me realize that I could make a change in my life and pursue photography as a career..and I did just that.


Today I've photographed over 150 weddings and cherish every one of them as a memory in my life. The love stories that I capture are timeless and unique. To me, there is no event more special than a wedding.  The coming together of loved ones to cherish a day that marks the turning of a chapter in someones life. There is a genuine and honest coming together of emotions at a wedding, and I am passionate about seeking that out.

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